Khalifa Ndiaye is a particular young Senegalese. Passionate about the image, he goes through his clichés to express many things. More known as Khalifa Hussein, Ndiaye surprises with his talent.Talent, imagination, an original composition, He has the ability to present reality in a form that surprises most of his admirers. His photographs are practically bordering on unreal.
Khalifa obviously has no limits. Among his photographs, the most prominent are his images of people walking on water, climbing walls or even quite amazing representations of space.The world in which he created himself allows him to be a photographer and model. A fairly coordinated association that remains
Khalifa has several touches in photography beyond his personal projects, he is a stage photographer in cinema, reporter photographer and sometimes artistic director. 
His dream is to travel the world with his artworks and to position himself in the world of Senegalese photography.

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